Preparing for your Interview

You only have one chance to make a first impression… make it count! Here are some tips to help you with the interview process.

  • When you are contacted to set up your interview appointment, it is a great time to ask a few questions about the position, such as "What are the top challenges of the position?" or "What is the recent history of this department in terms of growth and type of work?” The recruiter may ask you some screening questions at this time as well, so be prepared to explain how you meet the basic qualifications of the position.
  • Review the job description and identify the key skills required for the position. Consider how your strengths match the job requirements.
  • Prepare a few accomplishment stories you might use during the interview, based on the required skills you have just identified.
  • Do some research on the La Clinica departments that interest you in order to learn about their current business initiatives and direction.
  • Bring a notebook, extra copies of your resume, business cards if you have them, notes on your job history.
  • Practice answering standard interview questions in front of a mirror, with an interview partner or a friend. The more practice you have, the more relaxed and confident you will feel.
  • Wear conservative, appropriate work clothes to an interview. Dress for success. This means no jeans!!
  • When recruitment or HR calls with information or a request, respond quickly to show your interest and keep you in the running.
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