Resume Tips

Your resume should include the following:

1. Name, address, telephone number, e-mail address

  • Avoid nicknames.
  • Use a permanent address and telephone number. Use your parents’ address and number or the address you plan to use after graduation. If you have an answering machine, be sure to use a professional/neutral message while in the interviewing process.

2. Objective or Summary

  • An objective tells potential employers the sort of work you are hoping to do.
  • A summary is a brief description of your skills, background, and experience. Many employers now prefer a summary to an objective.

3. Education

  • New graduates with less than 3-5 years of work experience should list their educational information before their work history. Be sure to list your most recent educational information first.
  • Include the degree earned (A.S., B.S., B.A., etc.), major, and institution.
  • Mention any academic honors.

4. Work Experience

  • Briefly give the employer an overview of employment that has taught you skills. Use action words to describe your job duties. Use a bullet format rather than paragraphs.
  • Be sure to list your experience in reverse chronological order – that is, put your last job first.
  • Be sure to include the title of the position, the name as well as the city and state of the company, dates of employment (be sure to provide month and year).

5. Other Information

  • Computer Skills
  • Leadership Experience
  • Volunteer Organizations
  • Other Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Run spell check before anyone sees your resume.
  • Get a friend to do a grammar review. Then ask another friend. Then ask another friend!
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