Error Messages

Q. Why did I receive an error message when searching for jobs?

A. We have an extensive job database that our system searches to match your criteria to our job listings.  Our search may take a minute or two.  If you click any button while the search is still in progress, you will be taken out of the system.  If you receive an error message, go back to the job search page and enter your preferences again.  Remember to click the "Search" button only once!  In addition, do not click the back or refresh button during the search.

Q. What does the message, "Your previous session has expired." mean?

A. In order to protect your personal information, our Careers Web site has an auto logout feature.  Meaning if there is no activity, for a given number of minutes (between 15 and 60 depending on which database you are searching in), the site will terminate your session.  To avoid this, you must remain active on the site by viewing open job positions, submitting for jobs, etc.

Q. How do I take the required assessments for an open position?

A. Some positions may require that you take a series of tests, including those that measure computer skills.  Assessments are by invitation only and you would receive instructions from the Recruitment staff and an email to access the assessments.

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